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The book is what it says it is - a handbook, a quick reference, a fast track guide. It covers the nitty gritty of the Java API for WebSocket: a Java based standard (specification) for building WebSocket based applications. As with most standard (Java) APIs, the WebSocket API has multiple (competing) implementations which comply with the specification. It is also a part of the Java EE Platform.
What it implies is that you can use this standard API in a standalone format as well as part of a larger platform in concert with other Java EE based APIs such as JAX-RS, CDI, JPA, EJB, JMS etc.

What's in the book ?

Let's look at a quick outline of book contents
The first three lessons are meant to get your feet wet
Then comes the core part which is important from a API usage perspective
The default conventions offered by the WebSocket API can actually hide the details related to Configuration & Deployment, but you should know them anyway !
The book ends with a exploration of how the API integrates with other Java EE specifications as well as a quick peek into the threading details of some of the API constructs

Who is it suitable for ?

Although I would love for this book to be used by everyone, but, it is most suitable for Java/Java EE developers and can be used in various capacities
  • As a 'getting started' with the Java WebSocket API guide
  • You are well versed with the API and its constructs, but need a quick peek/reference to a specific API, it's usage, nuances etc.
  • Maybe you're just curious about what Java has to offer in terms of WebSocket support - feel free to check this out

What it is not ?

  • a generic discourse on WebSocket: it deals with the Java implementation of the WebSocket specification (JSR-356 to be specific)
  • a deep dive into the WebSocket RFC itself
  • exploration of other Java based WebSocket APIs/frameworks (e.g. Atmosphere etc.) is not the goal of this book
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What's in the book ?
Who is it suitable for ?
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