Get, set, go...

The source code for the book is available on Github

You only need Docker and Docker Compose installed in order to run the applications in this book

if the above doesn't meet your requirements, check Docker Toolbox

For all practical purposes you will want to look and play around with the code, build it and maybe try and run it yourself (inside or outside of Docker). In order to do this, you only need latest version of Go. Once that's done, you can check the Dockerfile to see how to build the app yourself. Example

  • go into the directory of the chapter/application e.g. cd my-app

  • fetch dependencies specific to the app e.g. go get -u && go get -u

  • set GOPATH e.g. export GOPATH=$GOPATH:~/practical-redis/my-app/

  • execute go run src/main.go to run